TT Electronics acquires Precision Inc.

ACS member AMA advises TT Electronics on the acquisition of Precision Inc:  TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications, has today announced the acquisition of Precision, an industry leading designer and manufacturer of precision electromagnetic product solutions for critical applications. Based in Minneapolis, US, Precision has around 160 employees that support customers in medical, industrial, and aerospace and defence markets.

Precision brings new design, simulation and manufacturing capabilities to TT in electromagnetics, one of our focus areas for growth. Precision’s products are primarily sold into medical applications including pace makers, neurological implants and other in-body equipment as well as external diagnostic equipment such as dialysis machines and MRI scanners. Precision also serves industrial and aerospace and defence customers in applications including satellite power supplies and aerospace guidance systems. Precision’s capabilities include high-reliability, ultra-fine wire winding, particularly suited to components that require exceptionally high levels of precision. Precision will be integrated into the Power Electronics division.

AMA undertook a target search and initiated this transaction on behalf of TT Electronics

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